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S.O.S. for TSCC!

Apr. 9th, 2009 | 04:24 pm

All right, I already made that last post on helping TSCC, but a new mini-campaign has just popped up on the show's production blog!

I'm mentioning it in a new post as opposed to editing the other one because this one's time-sensitive -- It has to be done before tomorrow morning!

Just head over to E!Online and click the box for Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles! Tadah! 10 seconds, and you're done!

Thanks in advance :D Although I'll totally thank you again if you let me know you've done it via a comment. ;)


ETA: The very nice folks over at io9 have just written up a "Sarah Connor 101" for folks who haven't been watching but want to catch the finale. I still stand by the thought that you should watch the previous episodes in order to enjoy the full effect though. :)

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Apr. 9th, 2009 | 12:11 am

So, it's been a while since my last post. Well, it's been a looooong time since I last last posted too, but RL's been rough lately with becoming unemployed among other things. :/ Compounding the mindharsh now is the fact that my show (and latest TOTAL OBSESSION), Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, is in on the brink on cancellation. And IT'S BEEN SO AWESOME. And this Friday is the season (possibly SERIES *WEEP*) finale.

Why am I talking about Sarah Connor on my uw_fan_x LJ?

Well. I have a proposition to make.Collapse )

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Rise of the Lycans

Jan. 26th, 2009 | 11:49 am
mood: ecstaticecstatic

Holy shit, WOW. Loved, loved, LOVED RotL...! I'm not sure if it's enough to put me back into UW fandom frenzy (sorry, Evo was just that traumatic for me :/), but still -- I had never in my wildest dreams thought the franchise'd come back like this. It was actually a good movie in conventional terms! I've already seen it twice and might even see it again, ugly economy be damned. I think it's, by far, the best film of the series. Michael Sheen, Bill Nighy, and (surprisingly!) Rhona Mitra just blew their characters up. I actually cried when Sonja bit the dust, and listening to nearby patrons, I know I wasn't the only one. Amazing, amazing installment -- totally exceeded all expectations. I just thank the fandom powers that be that they let Patrick Tatopaulos direct and brought Kevin Grevioux back -- I think Len Wiseman got waaaay too close to the, uh, source material (..ack, sorry) to continue as an objective storyteller (*continues trying to erase Evo from my mind*).

Again, serious wow. Bravo, Underworld film peoples, bravo!

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Random batch of new fan art --

Mar. 6th, 2006 | 12:06 pm
mood: Sorta awake. Meh. More twitch
music: The Cure - More Than This

Well, actually not so random. Hadn't been having the greatest of weekends, so I drowned a bit of it in punkdeathdealer's latest UW fic "Toxemia," which inspired most of these. It's an Underworld/HP crossover, which explains the, well, Harry Potter. XD

Anyhoo, this will probably be my last post here for a little bit at least. Have some major things to take care of, including last final exams of my undergraduate college life, ZOMG!

Heh, yeah. Me is graduating, finally. XD

Anyhow, instructions are pretty standard: Click the thumbnails to see the sketches in bigger form. See y'all in a week or so. :)

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Angsty Harry Potter. Or Daredevil at age 14. Whatever. xD
Ref'ed off some cap I found. Forgot where.
(And I'm aware that the wall doesn't quite go in a straight line. I totally meant to do that. Reflects Mister Potter's angst-addled mind! /complete BS) XD

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Harry and Hermione. I liked the way Harry turned out, but Hermione really bugs me. Girls are always harder to draw for me :(

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
A very quick and dirty sketch of Hybrid!Michael. Ref'ed off a Thundercats still actually. XD

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Er. I'm actually not sure what's going on here. Was in fluffly mood is all I know, heheh. Looks like Michael just surprised Selene with something squeeful maybe.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
A ref'ed UW:E cap. I think this is the only part of the movie that I really, really liked. I won't spoil people who've yet to see the sequel, but something very-not-nice just happened. Well, that's kinda obvious, I guess. :P

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(no subject)

Feb. 27th, 2006 | 09:57 pm


Ehhh, sorry for the impulsive post. ;_; But just wanted to give a heads-up to people whom I may be having ongoing convo's with that I'll most likely be MIA until Wednesday night...

*heaps hate on senioritis classes that bore me to tears and thus will have GPA-pummelling exams*


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YT fanvids & gift siggy!!

Feb. 25th, 2006 | 09:16 pm
music: Madonna - Die Another Day

So I spent a good chunk of today going through all of the Underworld-related music videos over at YouTube because... um. I don't there was a good reason. Actually, all I can think of are bad reasons (the most prominent at the moment being procrastination), but let's not talk about that because it's, uh, not interesting. :P

Anyhow, as was expected, there were a whole lot of not-so-good ones, though I do appreciate all the vidders for trying. (:] There were, however, a couple of very, very nice ones! Most of them of Selene, Michael, or Selene/Michael, unfortunately for those who aren't very big fans of those chara's, but that's what the YT'ers seem to make. *shrug* Anyhow, here are some links if you'd like to check em out:

You Want It (some techno track off the Blade 2 soundtrack) vid by trokua
: the best general Underworld MV on YT now, imo. I'd say the overall message is "Bloodlust is fun!!!" XD

Passenger (by Deftones, ft. Maynard James Keenan) vid by dirtyxsyringe
: basically the only Michael-centered MV/character study that I could find. Thank goodness it was a good one! (And the song features vocals by MJK from APC!!! Come on, now!! *___*)

Bring Me to Life (by Evanescence) vid by elfangel01
: I was ready to be disappointed with this one since BMtL is considered to be the UW song by so many people, it's dangerously cliche' now, sadly. But happily, it wasn't. :D The vid's a beautiful analysis of Selene/Michael, imo. (Reminded me a lot of S/M in your fic actually, punkdeathdealer ^_^) eta: First half's a little jerky, but the second half = le yay!

Die Another Day (a techno-ized song of Madonna's) vid by wolf4life
: a very clean, sleek, and interesting character study of Selene. Hmm... I'd place this as Starting-to-get-bored-of-following-the-rules-Selene XD

The Nobodies (by Marilyn Manson) vid by wolf4life
: another very naaaice Selene character study. I think the clips and the music fit very, very well. Can't say I've ever been a huge fan of Marilyn Manson, but this particular song's been growing on me because of this vid.

And finally, this oh-so-awesome sig that punkdeathdealer made for me out of the blue! Thanks again! :D I still love it muchly, so I think it's going to stay on my desktop for a long, long while even if I ever happen to find a forum one of these days to use it in, heh. *pokes the angry, floaty gun* Sweeeeeet. XD!

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A ref'ed UW:E Selene promo.

Feb. 19th, 2006 | 09:11 pm

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
(click thumbnails above for larger version)


ETA (2006/02/20): revised version (the second thumb) posted after receiving helpful comments from luwana, kangetsuhime, and my very good friend, Marleen! No drastic changes were made (just re-touched the left eye and shrunk the bottom lip a bit), but I like it a lot more now. Thanks, guys! :D


Glah. I don't think I'll be doing bigger-scale ref's anymore... It gets really frustrating because I can never get things perfectly the same, so I always end up stabbing the page by the end of it (see crappily rendered hair... actually crappy rendering everywhere ;__;). At least this is the case for lazy, undisciplined me. -__- Anyhow, thaaar it be.

*glumly begins reading assignments for tomorrow*

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New art, whee?

Feb. 9th, 2006 | 01:48 pm
music: Stars - Your Ex-Lover is Dead

Instead of doing homework or sleeping at a decent hour last night, I was drawing, so two new sketches for today:

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Random Lesson Learned: Scott Speedman has the weirdest mouth!! O__O Which is cute on its own, but very, very annoying when trying to draw him. Thus, the big black blotch that's supposed to be lips on his pic :P

*to the office, aka. boring work hell*

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tired and upset...

Feb. 3rd, 2006 | 01:56 am
mood: draineddrained

because I just did quite horribly on my exams this week... *deep sigh*

But anyhow, posting this link to some beautiful UW bases (note: they're all of Selene) because it made me a little happier.


*to sleep*

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Just watched UW:E.

Jan. 20th, 2006 | 05:42 pm

Omg, I'm sorry, but *hysterical laughter* That was quite possibly one of the silliest, most mind-jerking movies I've ever seen. It was better than I thought it'd be in... well, only one way pretty much, but otherwise, watching it was.. like.. like... well, gee, I'm really not quite sure since not much of it made sense. *shakes head and laughs* XD

Anyways, as you can see, I'm not really pissed off about it. The movie was seriously bad in that everything bad that I had expected pretty much happened; that terribly bad things that I had *not* expected also happened just made UW:E hilariously bad.

(Omglol, I'm having so much trouble writing this entry coz I keep lol'ing myself into distraction thinking about what I've just seen. *moves offscreen to lol some more*)


(hahahaahah, g2g a group meeting and dinner now, but will post more spoilery "discussion" when I get back home tonight... XDD ye gads, it's like I'm drunk or something O___O x__X XD)

*calms down and shakes head* I know some people on my f-list here are "hardcore hardcore" UW fans who've been excited throughout all the up-until-the-movie speculation while I've been pulling out hair and chewing off pieces of random furniture, so if you have watched the sequel, and you loved it, that's cool :) I'll admit that there were moments of the movie that were partially redeeming to me, but overall, the silliness of it all was just toooo overwhelming. *amused shrug* Okee, gotsa to go, but will be back laters, ciaociaociaooooo *poof*

NOTE: Possible spoilery discussion in the comments of this post, so be careful!

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